Body Wash Starter Kit - On The Go

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Travel light and refresh easily with our plastic-free on-the-go powdered body wash. Compact, convenient and mess-free, it promises to give your skin some TLC while travelling or after a gym session. Plus, it's super easy to use! Simply shake the powder onto wet hands, add water, and get those lovely suds going...
Eco-friendly packaging
100% naturally-derived
Refillable forever
Water-free formula
Perfect for travelling or the gym. Super light-weight it fits easily in your hand luggage or sports bag.
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Pack & Go!

A revolution in portable showering...

I am water-free so you can take me everywhere without any fuss!

No liquid = no possible leakage in your sports bag or suitcase.

COMPACT + CONVENIENT- I am super light and easy to transport, your ideal on-the-go buddy.

PLASTIC-FREE - I am packed in a recycled aluminium bottle that can be refilled forever!

DELICIOUS - Carefully formulated and naturally scented with Eucalyptus + Citrus, I promise to give your skin some TLC while travelling or after a gym session.


What's included in the starter kit?

1 x lifetime refillable aluminium bottle (the stylish bit) - 1.05 fl oz / 30g

1 x home-compostable powder-to-gel body wash sachet (the cleaning bit).

three simple steps

How to use your ETHOSA On-The-Go Body Wash.

1 - Add the powder to the refillable "on-the-go" bottle.

2 - Shake the powder onto WET hands, add water and get those lovely suds going.

3 - Take it on your next trip, the gym, wherever you want.

Plant-based & Natural

For you. For the planet. For all.

All our ingredients are 100% naturally derived and are hand-picked for their benefit and role in our formulas which are certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free. We are cruelty-free, free from sulphates, parabens, and synthetic colourings.

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Our eco-friendly packaging.

All orders are packed plastic-free. Our stylish forever bottle is made of recycled, brushed aluminium. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable in comparison to recycled plastic which drops in quality every time it is recycled until it no longer is and turns into micro-plastics, which ends in landfills. Our refills sachets are 100% home-compostable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William McBrearty
Perfect for Travel

Very lightweight and packs easy. Lathers well with a lovely fragrance.

Amanda Walker
On the go in faro

The smell is beautiful, the ease of travel with a powder is great … the only negative was the humidity in the shower caused the hole to block very quickly so the powder wouldn’t shake out. We took off the lid and used the powder that way … probably using more than we needed to but it worked well and overall very pleased with our purchase.

Great on the go

I love the smell of this (perfectly gender neutral in my opinion) and it lathers up well. It feels a little grainy when you first rub it between wet hands and the larger particles take some effort to dissolve but it only takes a few seconds to become a perfectbodywash consistency. Leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh and is so lightweight and portable, a great product.

What a splendid idea not to carry water with shower wash when traveling!

Such a good idea. The powder foams up well when added to a wet sponge or hands. Easy to rinse off leaving skin smooth and soft! 😀


I am a proud ambassador for Ethosa and was gave a starter kit to try. I loved it that much I’ve gone to purchase refills and most recently this on the go kit ready for my holiday. The scents are beautiful and unlike any other shower products I have ever tried. Love the concept of being better for the environment and using less plastic. #refillution