ETHOSA Konjac Body Sponge


The eco-swap that feels like an upgrade.

What’s Konjac we hear you say? It’s a porous vegetable that grows in Asia. And, this 100% natural sponge is suitable for all skin types. The konjac sponge can help reduce acne, pores, redness & excess sebum. These super sponges are also pH-neutral and help balance dry, combination and oily skins.

Why choose ETHOSA

- BYO H2O. The powder activates in contact with water and creates a foaming gel. 

- Natural Fragrance: Eucalyptus, Bergamot & Rosemary.

- Plant-powered. pH balanced. Gentle yet effective.

- DIY experience. Inspired by nature, mixed by you. 

- Refillable & recyclable packaging.

Why use Konjac?

+ Vegan-friendly

+ Biodegradable & home compostable

+ 100% natural - It is a root!

+ pH-neutral

+ Suitable for all skins, including babies & young children

How to use Konjac sponges?

1- Soak it in warm water to soften it up and expand it to full size.

2- Konjac sponges cleanse and exfoliate in one simple step, giving your skin a smooth & glowing look, without the harsh irritation of a physical scrub. Simply add a bit of your body wash and begin cleaning your body by moving the sponge in a circular motion.

3- Once done, squeeze all the excess water out of your konjac sponge so that it does not harbour any bacteria. Hang it up to dry.

4- Once used, compost it!

Frequently asked questions